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October 2007 - Hertie Competition (1st Prize)

Hertie, (a German Department Store) in conjunction with Frecher Spatz e.V and Spraymobil hosted a competition to design a mural for two walls at their Turmstrasse store. My design was chosen to decorate the smaller wall leading to the parking lot. Unfortunately, the financial crisis swallowed the branch before we could begin painting the actual mural, but I still received a generous prize of a 300 Euro voucher.
My sincerest thanks to all the jury and Hertie especially for their generous gift..

May 2005 - BSI Berlin "Redewendungen im Bild" (1st Prize)

BSI Sprachschule, a language institute in Berlin, hosted a competition to illustrate a German phrase or expression. I chose "Auf der Hut sein", which means 'to be alert' because a foreigner like myself could too easily make the literal (mis)interpretation: 'to be on the hat'.
My prize was one month's free tuition at the institute - Vielen Dank!

2004 - NMIT Christmas Card Competition (1st Prize)

Every year at the Northern Melbourne Institute of Tafe there is a competition to design the college's official Christmas Card. Along with copies of the shiny card for my folio, I also received $200 in prize money. Thank you very much!

2004 - Scratchboard project

"BOO!" (Happy Halloween)

Frog on the loo

George Le Fourmi Claustrophobe

George was a project I did for french class in the eighth or ninth grade, about an ant with claustrophobia -naturally he couldn't live with the other ants in the nest and was responsible for teaching the young ants (well, larvae) about the outside world as kind of a scout leader. Here he is explaining how his affliction set in.
(Please pardon the awful french.)

Chucky C. von Wunderschnitzel

Only boredom can come up with this garbage...

Chucky made another appearance for an instructional school project describing the art of shoelace tying...

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