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I used to love going with my Mom to the library. There were a lot of great children's books published when I was a kid, and it soon became clear that my ambition was to walk in the footsteps of my heroes; Bill Peet, Dr. Seuss, Anthony Browne, Chris Van Allsburg, amongst many many illustrators and authors, who took us on adventures and let the imagination of the reader soar.

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2016 - "Unlikely Friends III" Prints available here.

2015 - "Unlikely Friends" Prints available here.

2014 - "Ocean Adventure" Prints available here.

2014 - "Tilli & Lilli" Prints available here.

2014 - "Unlikely Friends II" Prints available here.

2012 - "Books are an Adventure!" Prints available here.

2011 - 2012 Selected Verses by Roman Herberth
(German language)
German poet Roman Herberth approached me to illustrate a few of his cleverly written verses about animals. You can buy the books here and here.

2011 In search of Treasure

2011 Hexe Paula - Text: Doreen Meyer-Kersten (German Language)
We're still looking for a publisher for this short story of a sassy little witch.

2011 - projekt.raum Tobias Meier
Splash page for projekt.raum

2010 Create your own story!

2008 Illustrations for Reimix by Sean Kollak
(German language)
Sean Kollak writes some hilarious rhymes and fables for children on his platform Reimix.de

A rhyme about a mosquito with a drinking problem.

A rhyme about the dangers of fashion.

A hilarious account of that age-old tragedy of dropping your toast.

2005 "Get well soon"

On the drawing board...

There's a Camel on my roof!
An absurd tale about a party taking place on the roof. Essentially a counting story.

The New Kid
There was dead silence as the principal, Mr. Guana, showed the new kid into Mrs. Ouran's class. Pencils dropped, the students in the back row stopped throwing paperdactyls. A hadrosaur's cycad gum fell out of her mouth and she didn't even notice. What was a Tyrannosaurus doing at Pangaea Herbivore School?

This book addresses the issue of coming to a new school and being different. It's about a docile t-rex whose family is pescetarian, thus he is enrolled at Pangaea instead of the Jastus Carnivore College on the other side of town. He gets taunted and beaten up by all the bullies of the school, especially during sport and recess. However, he finds he is not the only outcast in his class, and befriends a struthiomimus named Egg. When they discover that their shifty principal is plotting to merge with Jastus College, the pair has to figure out how to expose the truth and stop the carnivores from getting their claws on their school.

Written by Christine Wilson
Toast was just a lost, frightened kitten when he came to live with the Wilsons. But they loved him and he soon began to show his colours; an impressive feat for a black and white cat.

Toast is a collaboration with my former French teacher, Christine Wilson, and is a fun little story based on the real-life quirks of her cat.

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